About RuMoHoR

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In real life…

Name Anton
Date of birth November 25, 1977
Live in Moscow, Russia Russian flag
Photo My photo

In the Net…

My first encounter with internet happened in 1994. Till 1999 I had no easy way to spend enouth time in Internet (only from demo accounts, friends' PCs, etc). But then… :)

Exact date when nick RuMoHoR was created is not clear. First mention, confirmed by logs is April 13, 1998. But surely, nick was created earlier…


If You decide to contact me, try these ways:

E-Mail contact <at> rumohor <dot> com
ICQ ICQ status 308144741, ICQ status 20075551
Do not just press OK upon requesting authorization, type in something meaningful. Otherwise You can be ignored.
MSN rumohor<at>hotmail.com Used very irregulary.
AIM rumohor Also used once a month or two…
Yahoo IM Yahoo IM status rumohor
Used very infrequently.

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